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The last stage of the scientific process is to disseminate our findings to the scientific community (and beyond!). Novel results are usually reported in the form of articles in scientific journals. The format of each article varies with journal, but there are general guidelines that apply to most, if not all, scientific articles. Publication of your findings is paramount for the advancement of your career. It also contributes to the advancement of your discipline, and others, and helps your peers either to interpret their own findings or to build up on the existing knowledge.


To provide participants with guidelines to write clear and concise articles, and get them published. Participants that sign up will be provided with a more detailed programme.

Maximum participants

The workshops will have capacity for a maximum of 10 participants. If the number of applicants exceeds 10, another workshop will be scheduled briefly after (date to be agreed with the applicants).

Cost of registration for institutions (Universities or Research Institutes)

The cost is 500€ per person (6 hours) including refreshments during the coffee breaks (2). Prices for institutions, with a varied number of participants, will be negotiated on an individual basis. Registrations open. For more information contact info@cubic-l.science.