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Presenting in scientific meetings is probably one of the first experiences scientists are faced with. Professionals in companies are also faced with presentations either for clients or for other colleagues. This workshop will give participants an overview of the challenges posed by public presentations (scientific or general public), and provide them with the skills to present in a clear and effective way.


To help participants:

  • Preparing clear visual aids to help telling "the story"
  • Choosing the information to present: sometimes less is more
  • To deliver a final message that summarizes the work
  • Training the presentation
  • Managing the fear of presenting in public
  • non-verbal communication tips: the importance of body language
  • practicing in a friendly environment and get feedback on their "performance"

Location and duration

The exact dates and venue will be announced when there are enough participants. The duration will be about 4 hours including a coffee break

Maximum participants

This workshop will have capacity for a maximum of 10 participants. Registrations open.

For more information contactinfo@cubic-l.science.


The cost is 150€ per person including refreshments during the coffee break.